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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2016Paper ClippingNagendra, H. R.
22-Oct-2013Papers in CAM&IMSVYASA
2008Part 1- Study of The Paranormal Phenomena-- Glimpses from the Ancient Indian Literature Part II-- A Study of Paranormal Phenomena-- A FMRI StudyDeeptha
2006Part 1: Concept of Ananda according to Ancient Indian Texts and Literature Part 2: The Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Module on Teen’s Self Concept (13-17 years)Herambi Suresh, Gaitonde
2006Part 1: Concept of Emotional Personality in Yoga and Spiritual Lore of India. Part 2: Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Module on the Personality Development of StudentsNilkamal N
2006Part 1: Concept of Yama in Yogic Texts and Spiritual Lore Part 2: Energy Expenditure during Vraksasana a Yogic Standing Balancing postureJayanta Das
2006Part 1: Dietary Guidelines for Prevention of CHD According to Ancient Texts and Modern Texts Part 2: Effect of Add-On Yogic Relaxation Techniques after CABG on Autonomic and Psychological Variables – A Prospective Randomized Control Study.Sharma, Sunandini
2006Part 1: Epistemology according to different Schools of Indian Philosophy. Part 2: Effect of Yogic Relaxation Techniques on Memory and Sustained Attention in CABG Patients.Ketki Gokhale Abhay
2004Part 1: Indian Music - Its Origin And Growth And Part 2: Spectral Analysis of Swaras Or Musical NotesChandrasekaran J.
12-Jan-2012Part I Concept of Mind and Mental Speed according to Bhagavad Gétä and Part II Promoting Speed of Response in University Students through Yoga Part I Concept of Mind and Mental Speed according to Bhagavad Gétä Part II Promoting Speed of Response in University Students through YogaPavana Bhat
2008Part I - Concept of Depression Through Yoga and Spiritual Lore Part II: Effect of A Short Term Yoga Intervention on Depression Levels Among Normal SubjectsMohan Kumar, C.V
2008Part I : Neck Pain – An Ancient View Part II: Complementary effect of Mind Sound Resonance Technique as an add on Programme in Patients undergoing Conventional treatment for Common Neck PainYogita Bali M R
2005Part I: A Comparative Study of Sat Karmas of Yogic Texts & Pancha karmas of Ayurvedic Texts Part II: Effect of Kunjal Kriya on Heart Rate Variability SpectrumSujatha K J
2008Part I: A Study of Memory according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore Part II: Changes in Brain Wave Coherence and Heart Rate Coherence during kapalabhati, A Yogic Breathing PracticeSukanya A K
2008Part I: Attitude to illness according to Triguna Concept of Personality Part II: Effect of Short Term Yoga on Bronchial AsthmaUsha Mohan
2004Part I: Bhakti - The Path of Supreme Love (Parama Prema) Part II: Effect of Emotional Culturing Session on the Capacity to Influence REGMohan Tewani
2006Part I: Bhakti for Emotional Purification Part II: Add on Yogic Relaxation after CABG – a Follow up StudyPuja Jayant
2004Part I: Bhakti Yoga and 21st Century Part II: A Comparative Study of Three Different Yoga Modules on Physical Stamina in School ChildrenSushil Kumar Mahakur
2004Part I: Concept of Bhastrika Pranayama with Special Emphasis according to Yoga Spiritual Texts. Part II: Changes in Nasal Dominance at Sunrise and Sunset in Children Undergoing Intensive Yoga Training.Mrinal Deka