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Title: Normative data for the letter-cancellation task in school children
Authors: Balaram, Pradhan
Nagendra H.R.
Keywords: Attention
information processing speed
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: International Journal of Yoga,
Abstract: Aims: To establish the norms for the letter-cancellation task—a psychomotor performance task. Materials and Methods: Eight hundred nineteen school students were selected in the present study in an age range between nine and 16 years (M = 12.14; SD = 1.78 years). Subjects were assessed once for the cancellation task. Results: Both age and sex infl uenced performance on the SLCT; therefore, correction scores were obtained on the basis of these factors. Conclusions: The availability of Indian normative data for the SLCT will allow wider application of this test in clinical practice.
Description: Research Papers - Normative data for the letter-cancellation
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