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Title: Effect of pyramids on microorganism.
Authors: Itagi, Ravi Kumar
N.V.C. Swamy
Nagendra H.R.
Keywords: Pyramids
Microorganisms, Antimicrobial Activity
Vaastu Shastra
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge,
Abstract: Investigations have been undertaken to find out if an enclosed pyramidal structure has any influence on the growth of microorganisms inside them, as claimed in legendary literature. Five models were used, four of them being pyramidal in shape and the fifth with a flat roof. The medium chosen was fresh unboiled milk. The control was the same milk sample kept in the open. Results subjected to statistical analysis indicate that there is a noticeable influence of the pyramidal shape on the rate of growth of microorganisms. Quantitative data have been supported by visual observations.
Description: Research Papers - Effect of pyramids on microorganisms
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