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Title: Yoga Sudha
Authors: Nagendra, H. R.
Keywords: Yoga Sudha
Issue Date: 3-Sep-2015
Publisher: S Vyasa
Citation: Bengaluru
Series/Report no.: Vol XXXI;9
Abstract: After the Internatonal Day of Yoga (IDY), the Stop Diabetic Movement (SDM) for Madhumeha Mukta Bharat (MMB) camps got spread far and wide into most parts of the country with nearly 56,000 participants in around 1600 camps. We still need to collect the data from the camps held in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, etc. The biggest challenge now is to motivate these persons to continue the practice, till we collect the data after 3, 6 and 12 months. Fortunately, the camp organisers are in continuous touch with them and the latest reports are very encouraging as the DM patients are continuing the practices regularly as there is drastic reduction of FBS, etc. which they monitor themselves. The silver line is that there has been no single case reporting negative effects of the practices. Apart from these camps, nearly 100 of our MSc distance education students have systematically collected large number pre-post data, which are being analysed and presented as Dissertations by the students. The next batch of students will collect 3 months follow up data, on the same lines it is planned to collect follow up data for 6 and 12 months all over the country.
ISSN: 0972047x
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