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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Part – I Concept of Padmasana According to Ancient Indian Texts. Part –I Changes in Autonomic Functions Following Padmasana – A Yogic Meditative Posture.Pradhan, Geetarani
12-Jan-2011Part – I Concept of Health and Part – II Effect of Kapalbhati and Pranayama ( Yoga Breathing) On Mauscular Endurance.Sharad Saini
2005Part I: A Comparative Study of Sat Karmas of Yogic Texts & Pancha karmas of Ayurvedic Texts Part II: Effect of Kunjal Kriya on Heart Rate Variability SpectrumSujatha K J
2006Part I: Concept of Brahmacharya and its Relevance for Modern Youth Part II: Energy Expenditure during Sarvangasana – a Yogic Inverted PostureSarang Shirish
2006Part 1: Dietary Guidelines for Prevention of CHD According to Ancient Texts and Modern Texts Part 2: Effect of Add-On Yogic Relaxation Techniques after CABG on Autonomic and Psychological Variables – A Prospective Randomized Control Study.Sharma, Sunandini
2004Part I: Bhakti - The Path of Supreme Love (Parama Prema) Part II: Effect of Emotional Culturing Session on the Capacity to Influence REGMohan Tewani
2004Part I: Nadis and Meridians – A Correlation and Part II: Effect of Yoga on the Visual Memory in School ChildrenShruddha. S. Kamat
2004Part-I Concept of Cakras And Corresponding Qualities and Part-II Effect of Tibetan Buddhist Mindfulness Meditation (Vipassana) On Heart Rate Variability (HRV) SpectrumMohapatra Raja Santosh Kumar
2005Part I: Concept of Inheritance: A Comparative Study between Philosophers and Scientists Part II: Apoptotic Index and Qualitative DNA Damage in the Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes of Advanced Yoga Practitioners, Normal Volunteers and Carcinoma of Breast Patients.Amritanshu Ram
2006Part 1: Epistemology according to different Schools of Indian Philosophy. Part 2: Effect of Yogic Relaxation Techniques on Memory and Sustained Attention in CABG Patients.Ketki Gokhale Abhay