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Authors: Nagarathna R.
Nagendra H.R.
Keywords: Arthritis
Sakti Vikasaka Suksma Vyayama
Issue Date: 7-Dec-2010
Abstract: Pain in the joints is a common problem which may vary from a minor discomfort to a disabling chronic problem affecting the quality of life to a great extent. The biomedical inventions have given great mobility and functional ability for damaged joints. It is not unusual to find persons with 10 to 20 joints (small and big) replaced as and when the joints get damaged, which has helped them to live their lives in comfort. Thanks to fascinating advances in medication too, which has definitely saved an arthritic from the devastating side effects of steroids. But, have we hit the nail on its head? Have we been able to cure or prevent joint diseases? The answer is a clear 'No' Increasing problems of aging changes in the joints, are expected even as our life expectancy and longevity have increased all round the globe. But what about the other types of arthritidis which are hitting younger persons? Rheumatoid arthritis, a disease of temperate climates, is still an enigma as we have not been able to remove the root cause of the disease.
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