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Authors: SVYASA
Keywords: Project of Stress
Materials and Methods
Results and Discussion
Issue Date: 8-Dec-2010
Citation: Bangalore
Abstract: The beneficial effects of yoga has gained the attention of modern medical men over the last 30 years. Infact the credit goes to frustrated subjects suffering from many chronic ailments who were advised to go on taking increasing doses of medications to keep the disease under "control". They took to alternative systems of managing their illness much against the advice of their doctors and demonstrated usefulness of yogic practices by strengthening the self healing mechanisms. A good amount of scientifically validated data [Enclosure 1] is now available to show the beneficial effects of yoga in many common problems as asthma, hypertension. These beneficial effects can be traced to the role of yoga in reducing, preventing or correcting the severity of stress responses, because exaggerated physiological stress responses seem to be the root cause of most of these chronic ailments.
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