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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Part I: Concept of Sun-Worship and Suryanamaskar (an Ancient Indian Exercise) according to Ancient Text and Literature Part II: Physical and Psychological Changes following Suryanamaskar PracticeDaspute, Rakesh J
2004Part I: Concept of Rebirth according to the texts of Yoga and Spiritual Lore. Part II: Efficacy of Three Different Yoga Modules in Visual Memory on School Children.Shatrughan Singh Naruka
2004Part 1: Indian Music - Its Origin And Growth And Part 2: Spectral Analysis of Swaras Or Musical NotesChandrasekaran J.
1-Mar-2009Naturopathy Work GroupMinnesota Department of Health
2006Part I: Bhakti for Emotional Purification Part II: Add on Yogic Relaxation after CABG – a Follow up StudyPuja Jayant
2006Part I: Concept of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) according to Modern and Indian Spiritual Lore Part II: Effect of Yoga on Mental Alertness in Students and School Teachers affected by Tsunami DisasterPrakash, B N
2006Part 1: Concept of Emotional Personality in Yoga and Spiritual Lore of India. Part 2: Effect of Integrated Approach of Yoga Module on the Personality Development of StudentsNilkamal N
2008Part 1- Study of The Paranormal Phenomena-- Glimpses from the Ancient Indian Literature Part II-- A Study of Paranormal Phenomena-- A FMRI StudyDeeptha
2004Part I: Bhakti Yoga and 21st Century Part II: A Comparative Study of Three Different Yoga Modules on Physical Stamina in School ChildrenSushil Kumar Mahakur
2006Part I: The Concept of Ujjayi Pranayama according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore Part II: Effect of Yoga on Personality in Normal High School Students (13-17 yrs)Singh, Sudhir