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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Part I: Kumbhaka Pranayama Part II: The immediate effect of Nadishuddhi Pranayam in Heart Rate Coherence and Random Event GeneratorDivya B R
2006Part 1: Concept of Yama in Yogic Texts and Spiritual Lore Part 2: Energy Expenditure during Vraksasana a Yogic Standing Balancing postureJayanta Das
2006Part I: The Science of Emotion according to Yoga and Spiritual Lore Part II: The Immediate Effect of Yogic Relaxation Technique on Heart Rhythm Coherence in Normal SubjectsRita Oza
2004Part I: Concept of Mudra according to texts of Yoga and Spiritual Lore. Part II: A Comparative study of Three Different Yoga Modules on Logical Memory in School ChildrenBharat Kumar Patra
2008Part I - Concept of Depression Through Yoga and Spiritual Lore Part II: Effect of A Short Term Yoga Intervention on Depression Levels Among Normal SubjectsMohan Kumar, C.V
2006Effect of yoga on somatic indicators of distress in professional computer usersTelles, Shirley; Naveen, K.V.
2005Oriental approaches to masculine and feminine subtle energy principlesTelles, Shirley
2004Part I: Concept of Bhastrika Pranayama with Special Emphasis according to Yoga Spiritual Texts. Part II: Changes in Nasal Dominance at Sunrise and Sunset in Children Undergoing Intensive Yoga Training.Mrinal Deka
2008Part I: Concept of Humor in Kannada and Sanskrit Literature Part II: Effect of Humor on the Stress Parameters of IT Professionals-a randomized controlled trial.Sudha Rani R
2003Yoga and psychosis: risks and therapeutic potential.Naveen, K.V.; Telles, Shirley